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Sanctum Unmasked

Senior producer 

In 2013, Damon Lawner went from being a broke family man to a sex club kingpin when he founded SNCTM: the most elite sex club in the world. Damon created a place where billionaires and Hollywood celebs could explore their wildest sexual fantasies – but it ultimately turned his life upside down.

Join host Karley Sciortino as she explores our most hidden desires – and uncovers the story of SNCTM.

Let’s Start A Coup!

Senior producer

What would you do if a secret cabal of the nation’s most powerful people asked you to overthrow the President? Weirdly enough – it’s not a hypothetical. It almost happened to FDR in the 1930s, were it not for a very intense, very problematic Marine named Major General Smedley Butler. Join Ben Bowlin, Alex French, and a cast of historical characters brought to life by Joe Kinosian for a darkly comedic – and terrifying – retelling of one of the weirdest forgotten schemes in American history.

Big Brother: North Korea’s Forgotten Prince

Senior producer, co-director, and script editor

Kim Jong-nam should be the ruler of North Korea. Instead, he was the victim of the 21st century’s most bizarre assassination plot.

A deep look inside a decades-long saga broiling with deceit, palace gossip, and political backstabbing—shedding light on the machinations of the most secretive nation on the planet.

Bad Seeds

Senior producer

The biggest black market you’ve never heard of is blooming right under your nose. Whether it’s a 4,000-pound cactus shoveled from the Arizona desert or delicate orchids pinched from the tangled jungle of Peru, rare plants are at the center of a rapidly growing and lucrative world of crime.

Hosted by plant expert Summer Rayne Oakes, Bad Seeds plunges straight into it, featuring the buyers, the sellers, the obsessives, and those who came face-to-face with the criminals behind an underworld few know exist.


Senior producer

Rep is a bold, wide-ranging podcast, brought to you by journalist Noor Tagouri. Noor began by examining the misrepresentation of Muslims in US media and how this impacts American culture. She discovered a fuller exploration of the ever-evolving story of America, which challenged the stories we’ve known…and revealed how the stories we tell affect all of us. Rep is a thoughtful investigation of our beliefs and understandings and how they exist within the dynamic of politics, pop culture, and public opinion. This is a story about the stories we tell.

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